Ambrussum, Herault

Catering to travelers in Roman times 

If you are interested in archaeology and botany, Ambrussum offers four sites in one: a Gaulish oppidum, a Roman relay station and a botanical trail, with a new museum. 

The Gaulish oppidum, or fortified village, was situated on a strategic spot on a hillside overlooking the Vidourle River, near today's town of Lunel in the Herault. This river had to be crossed by all traverlers along the "highway" of ancient times, the Via Domitia, which was the main road between Italy and Spain, built by Romans along a pre-existing track. 

The Ambrussum bridge is probably one of the oldest in the area, perhaps dating back to 30 B.C. , to the time when the relay station was built.

We are going to take a good lunch in the grass...

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