Tours in a 2CV

This is the typical french car and I drive you from Uzès to the Camargue or wheee-else ! 

Mine is a special edition saloon models from 1974, she is calling Bamboo

The Nicknames of the world for ...

Popular French nicknames were "Deuche" and "Dedeuche".

The Dutch were the first to call it "het lelijke eendje" ("the ugly duckling") or just "Eend" ("duck"), while the Flemish called it "de geit" ("the goat").

In German-speaking countries, it is called "Ente" ("duck"), except in the German-speaking part of Switzerland, where Döschwo is commonly used, a Germanized spelling of the French pronunciation of 2CV.

English nicknames include "Flying Dustbin","Tin Snail", "Dolly", "Tortoise" and "Upside-down pram".

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